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As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to spread, we are aware of the challenging and uncertain times that everyone is facing.

Considering the current climate and the pressures many of you are under, we are extending the deadline for entering the Heavy Lift Awards 2020 to Friday, April 24.  

For further information please see Heavy Lift Awards 2020 - FAQs.

Airfreight Solution of the Year - Sponsored by: Sarens

This award will be presented for an outstanding project cargo shipment that has been executed by air in the last 12 months. This category can be entered by an airline, operator, forwarder, or as a combined entry from partners on a specific project.

This project solution could include multiple flights or utilise the full capacity of an aircraft. Entries could include examples of bespoke engineering or consider ground handling and equipment challenges.

The judges will be looking for a company or partnership that has demonstrated:

  • The timely delivery of a complex project
  • Safe and efficient loading procedures
  • Customer satisfaction
  • A thorough knowledge of the challenges involved in the movement of project cargo by air
  • Evidence of how these challenges have been overcome in this specific project

Environment Award - Sponsored by: Blue Water Shipping

This award will be presented to the company that has shown a considered approach to environmental concerns through an initiative or within the day-to-day running of operations and the long-term strategy of the organisation.

The judges will be looking for evidence of one or more of the following:

  • The operation of and investment in low-emission equipment and technology
  • Compliance with – or keeping ahead of – the latest environmental regulations affecting the sector
  • Planning for future changes in environmental policy
  • The development of a thorough understanding of respective environmental concerns, and the training of staff in these challenges
  • Putting environmental concerns at the forefront of activities

Excellence in Engineering

This award will be presented to the transport engineering team of a company that has taken part in a complex project in the past 12 months, which has demonstrated its ability to overcome unusual challenges using customised engineering solutions.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Contribution to improved safety standards across the project
  • Commitment to cost-efficiency and minimised disruption for the client
  • High-quality engineering solutions using innovative equipment
  • Extensive planning and a proactive approach to the client’s request

Forwarder Network of the Year

This award will be presented to the project freight forwarder network that has provided a superior offering to its members, and has demonstrated its ability to compete with large multinational forwarders on global project contracts.

The judges will be looking for evidence of a conscious and thorough approach to vetting new members, the continual development of the network’s offering through the introduction of added-value services and examples of members benefitting from the network.

Entries must include:

  • At least two testimonials from members
  • Evidence of a recent joint project executed by network members
  • A comprehensive list of value-added services
  • A summary of your vetting process

Innovation Award - Sponsored by: Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean

This award will be presented to the company that has developed an innovative piece of equipment or technology designed to improve the lift or transport of heavy and oversize cargoes.

The judges will be looking for a product that demonstrates one or more of the following:

  • Innovative thinking
  • Clear enhancements in handling capabilities and durability
  • Improvements in cost and time efficiencies for the customer
  • A step forward in terms of technology 
  • High safety and environmental standards

*Entries must be based on an initiative that has been launched and is in use. Concepts will not be considered by the judges.

    Overland Transport Provider of the Year - Sponsored by: Goldhofer

    This award will be presented to an equipment-owning provider of overland transport services by road, rail or inland waterway that has demonstrated its commitment to the safe, efficient and innovative transport of heavy and oversize project cargoes.

    The judges will be looking for an operator that has demonstrated:

    • Use of thorough planning and surveying to minimise disruption
    • Use of innovative equipment and techniques to overcome challenges during transport
    • Understanding of regional permit and escort challenges
    • Evidence of safe and on-time delivery
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Dedication to communication with the industry about issues affecting the sector

    Port / Terminal Operator of the Year

    This award will be presented to the port authority or terminal operator that has demonstrated its heavy lift cargo handling capabilities.

    The judges will be looking for evidence of:

    • Safe and efficient handling of oversize cargoes
    • Investment in new equipment and facilities for the storing and handling of oversize cargoes
    • Maintenance of existing facilities
    • Minimised waiting times for customers
    • Investment in technology to optimise loading procedures

    Project Logistics Provider of the Year - Sponsored by: AAL

    This award will be presented to the logistics provider that has developed its project cargo services to adapt to new market opportunities and challenges, as well as customer demands.

    The judges will be looking for evidence of how this development - alongside sound technical capability and high safety standards - has shaped the success of your project forwarding business and prepared your company for the future.

    Entries should include evidence of:

    • A deep understanding of your client base and their requirements
    • An ability to adapt to changing market conditions
    • Strategy for growth and enhancement of current services
    • A considered approach to safety and environmental issues within the organisation
    • A solid recruitment and training programme

    Project of the Year - Sponsored by: Fesco Projects

    This award will be presented for the successful execution of a complex logistics project, involving the door-to-door delivery of multiple oversize and/or heavy cargoes.

    This award can be entered jointly to reflect logistics and/or transport partners or individually if you are the project lead.

    The judges will be looking for a project that demonstrates: 

    • Unique techniques and innovative approaches to overcome project challenges 
    • The use of multiple transport modes 
    • The employment of advanced equipment and/or technology

    Entries should include evidence/examples of: 

    • Detailed planning 
    • Safety considerations 
    • Benefits to client 

    Safety Award - Sponsored by: deugro group

    This award will be presented to a company or team from the project cargo supply chain (including both equipment owners, operators and logistics providers) that has consistently upheld the highest safety standards.

    The judges will be looking for evidence that the company has:

    • Complied with the latest safety regulations and accreditations in its field
    • Demonstrated a superior safety record with regards to accidents and injuries at work
    • Implemented staff training in the relevant safety standards
    • Demonstrated an active commitment to improving safety standards across the heavy lift and specialised transport sector

    Shipping Line of the Year - Sponsored by: Trans Global Projects

    This award will be presented to a carrier that has demonstrated its ability to successfully and efficiently support the movement of heavy and oversize project cargoes around the world by sea.

    Entries should demonstrate the carrier’s ability to adapt its business to challenging market conditions and the changing needs of its customers.

    The judges will want to see evidence of:

    • Proactive approach to safety and environmental regulations
    • An optimised fleet capable of supporting a wide range of customers and markets
    • The implementation of new technology or techniques to support the loading of complex cargoes

    Entries must include:

    • Testimonials from clients
    • Examples of clear commitment to safety and efficiency
    • Examples of shipments completed in past 12 months

    Training Award - Sponsored by: RTL

    This award will be presented either to a company that has adopted an innovative and successful approach to training staff, or a company that has provided a comprehensive training programme for the heavy lift and project logistics sector.

    The judges will be looking for one or more of:

    • Evidence of a well-considered, consistent and successful training programme
    • Unique training techniques, potentially utilising new technology or equipment
    • The teaching of the most up-to-date standards in the company’s sector

    Entries must include:

    • Testimonials from those that have successfully completed the training programme
    • Clear evidence of progression from those that have undertaken the programme